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Partner is any entity/company capable to serve NEXTON® needs in one or more of the stages of our project cycle.
NEXTON® can count on a series of collaboration to be able to reach any location and ensure a fast response time for assistance.


Choose the level that best fits your needs!
Upgrade your service level at any time.


We’ve got your back for the whole contract duration


– The energy saving is calculated punctually with a power meter.
– The money savings is calculated using the current actual €/kWh electricity cost.

You ONLY pay out of what you save!


As long as your lamp is an LED technology lamp, we can integrate our Nextlight® solution.

ONLY with LED type of lamps. Some of the lamps are already “dimmerable”. The ones that are not designed to be dimmered, can be turned into dimmerable by replacing the lamp driver. Therefore, in this case an extra hardware is involved. The driver will be provided and included in the offer in this case.

Our solution includes a level of intelligence such that when there is movement Nextlight® adapt the light intensity to the safest conditions agreed together with the customer. This means that when there is no traffic around, the light intensity goes down to the minimum set (and always respectful of the local regulation). By doing that, we use less power [W] and therefore we are saving on energy [Wh], reflecting in less expenses in the energy bill [€/kWh].

The installation time depends on the following variables:

  • the height of the streetlights
  • the necessity (or not) to replace the lamp driver

As average, each device requires between 10 to 15 minutes for each installation. The configuration can be conducted in parallel and remotely.

NEXTON® does not include by default the installation. This could be provided upon request. In principle the installation is easy and can be conducted by any qualified electrician. NEXTON® will provide the installation manual and will supervise the installation activities.
NEXTON® offers warranty on all of the proprietary equipment. Whenever the lamps or other 3rd party equipment will break and this is demonstrably related to our device, the expenses will be covered by us. NEXTON® will activate their assistance service and restore the functioning of the system at the soonest possible.