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Prospetto consumi e risparmi su 5 anni

DISCLAIMER: This savings simulation tool represents an estimate based on current market conditions and data collected over time. Please note that the results obtained from this tool should not be considered as an exact value of the savings you may actually achieve. Actual savings may vary depending on a variety of factors, including traffic intensity and other elements that can influence the economic situation. These factors cannot be predicted with certainty. However, this tool provides a very close indicative estimate to reality and can be used as a reference point to evaluate potential savings. Furthermore, it should be noted that NEXTON® cannot be held responsible in any way for the values provided by this simulation tool. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult a professional from the NEXTON® team for further analysis before making financial decisions based on these estimates.

PILOT TEST– in 5 EASY steps

1. Provide us with a streetlights network between 10 and 15 streetlights
We supply you Nextlight® FOR FREE for a period of 4 months
3. We support you with the installation
4.We monitor the consumption to verify the effectiveness
5. Choose if you wish to activate the service or stop it.

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