Treviso Creativity Week 2019

In the occasion of the event for start-ups contextually organized with the Treviso Creativity Week, LT Energy Group received a special award and a prize (Audience Award) for having distinguished itself from other competitors regarding the promotion and Marketing abilities of the own brand.

It was a great honor and pleasure for the team to be present in Treviso to confront the other 9 finalists selected for the occasion.

A first thank you therefore goes to the event staff for the organization and for having considered us worthy of a final and therefore having selected us among the many candidates.
Treviso is a fantastic city and we hope to return as soon as possible. Thanks also to all those who stopped by our stand curious to know and learn more about our project by listening to our ideas. In this regard we will make every criticism and observation received in order to improve, learn and grow. Thanks and congratulations to all the other start-ups for their wonderful projects and good luck to you for your future and your ideas. We hope to meet again on other similar occasions why not ?!
But we want to make an important dedication for all those who have dedicated a few seconds of their time to accept and take up our challenge to support us. You were fantastic and fundamental to victory. Without you we would never have made it. THIS PRIZE IS YOURS !!

For our part, we have really put all our efforts into it so that your effort will not be in vain.


This, for us, has represented much more than a simple competition of likes; in fact, it has given us a way to make AGAIN once how many people love us and believe in us and in our project. You have flooded us with affection and you have transmitted strength and motivation to continue along the path taken, although still tortuous and uphill.
We would like to be able to thank one by one the more than 500 people who have contributed to achieving this important goal. However, I hope that this post can have the same meaning as our personal thanks to each of you, and that it can return the affection received.
LTEG, from today, is aware of being able to count on a large family.

Thank you so much,
A hug.

LT Energy Group